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Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart ... Love your neighbor as yourself."1 As Christians, we reach out in love across our cities to minister to the poor and across oceans to disciple other nations, but what about our own neighbors and public servants?

The Apostle Paul said, "I urge ... prayers ... for everyone* ... and all those in authority*."2 For as little as 60 seconds a day, are you willing to reach out in love to open an email and pray for one neighbor and one public servant by name? If so, will send you a personalized email each day with the name of one neighbor and one public servant, along with a suggested prayer and applicable Scripture. (Names of neighbors and public servants are taken from public sources.)

You do not need to call or meet anyone; simply pray for your neighbor and public servant listed in the email, and ask the Lord to cultivate spiritual restoration in enough lives and neighborhoods to spark a national spiritual renewal.

 to start praying by name for one neighbor and one public servant each day.


* When you pray for your neighbor you are not only praying for "everyone," but also for your government authorities. See Romans 13:1 and the first three words of the Constitution.

1Matthew 22:37-39; 21 Timothy 2:1,2

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